15 Kitchen Pantry Ideas With Form And Function

By definition, a pantry is “a small room or closet in which food, dishes, and utensils are kept.” While the definition (or, frankly, the very idea) of a pantry may not be the most glamorous part of your home design, the functional pantry can still be a stylish space. Whether your pantry is a spacious room in and of itself or a tiny closet squeezed into some spare inches near your kitchen, you can make it feel like an aesthetic and pleasant part of the house with a few simple tricks and a bit of organization.Here are 15 ideas to get you started on creating your very own kitchen pantry with form AND function.

Getting creative with pantry organizers will always improve your pantry storage capabilities as well as the inherent visual appeal of an organized space.

Built-in shelving that is customized to the objects you need to store (e.g., serving trays, beverages, snacks, etc.) fights more than half the battle against pantry disorganization.

A simple pantry door with a frosted glass window makes for a pretty picture with the door opened OR closed.{found on crisparchitects}.

Buying matching containers for storing food items in the pantry not only looks attractive, but it also makes shelving-maximization much, much easier.

Pull-out drawers maximize traditional cupboard space because they allow for easy access to all items inside, whether they’re in the front or the back.{found on kitchensbyemanuel}.

Continuing your home décor style into the pantry (e.g., whitewashed wood storage boxes, aluminum storage bins, etc.) makes it feel like less of a closet and more like an important aspect of your home, which will ultimately help you maintain its order better.

Sliding pocket doors provide easy expanded pantry access while still allowing the entire thing to “disappear” when the doors close.

Adjustable wire shelving looks consistent and organized (and, thus, aesthetically pleasing) but also provides infinite organizational opportunities because of its adjustable characteristics.

Pretty wallpaper provides the perfect backdrop behind brightly colored pantry food storage items – a unified look amidst otherwise unconnected items.

A successful pantry doesn’t have to be its own room. Clever and strategic use of metal shelving and coordinated bins make this wall pantry both aesthetic and inarguably functional.

A pantry camouflaged behind faux cabinet-faced doors makes the pantry both pleasantly accessible and hidden away. A secret room for your breakfast cereal is never a bad thing, right?

Chalkboard food labels look fantastic, they’re reusable, and they let you know exactly what you’re reaching for. That’s a triple-win.

Smaller cubby spaces create intuitive storage slots for often-used items without crowding the objects or piling them up into awkward-to-retrieve mounds.{found on jamesyochum}.

Easily add a chalkboard component to your kitchen pantry doors to help you keep track of what needs to be restocked or for messages and fun notes between family members.

When all else fails, organize your pantry by color in a rainbow pattern. Instantly attractive, plus you’ll find any expired cans of food that need to be tossed in the process.

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