50 Of The Best House Warming Gifts

Buy It: $900

Automatic vacuums like the iRobot Roomba 980 aren’t just timesavers – these handy gadgets reduce the need to move heavy furniture and eliminates the struggle of reaching for those tough spots under tables or behind furniture. It’s definitely expensive, but any host is sure to appreciate a gift they can use every day for years to come.

Buy It: $194

August Smart Lock turns any Bluetooth-enabled Android or Apple phone into a keyless entry system. Note the helpful and distinctive features like battery power, backup key access, and customizable shared access.

Buy It: $195

A housewarming gift that can protect the recipient’s new investment: Canary Smart Home Security combines an HD wide-angle surveillance camera with an advanced alarm system. Its motion-activated recording can stream straight to smartphone with quality audio and automatic night vision to make sure the occupant never misses a thing.

Buy It: $199

The sleek Ring Wifi Enabled Video Doorbell allows homeowners to see who’s outside, even when nobody’s home. This handy doorbell connects to smartphones and tablets and can be activated by motion sensors in the event somebody stops by without ringing the doorbell itself.

Buy It: $272

Looking for a housewarming gift for somebody who can’t get through the day without a couple cups of coffee? Smarter is a coffee machine that can be controlled by smartphone, making it easy to schedule an inviting brew from anywhere in the house. Imagine waking up to a fresh pot every morning without ever lifting a finger!

Buy It: $150

The Petnet Smartfeeder makes it easy to set up automatic feedings, or feed remotely from anywhere – perfect for a pet owner with a busy schedule! It even allows for managed portions for easy weight management. Be aware that the Petnet App requires iOS, so make sure your intended recipient has an iPhone before choosing this specific device.

Buy It: $99

Here’s what makes the Nest Smart Smoke Detector & Alarm special: it detects carbon monoxide, it sends alerts directly to Wi-Fi devices, and it comes with a 10 year protection guarantee.

Buy It: $150

This isn’t your ordinary bathroom scale – its minimalistic form actually hides smart features like weight tracking, body fat calculation, and it even monitors a home’s air quality. It’s compatible with the Apple Health Kit, too! Few scales are versatile enough to give as a housewarming gift but this one is too cool to pass up.

Buy It: $200

A router is usually that unsightly device we all hate to meddle with, outside of praying that it works. This is Google’s approach to a beautiful and functional router that can be controlled with a smartphone. Depending upon your gift recipient’s tastes they can customize it with a variety of covers.

Buy It: $39

If your recipient’s new home is extra spacious or has thick walls, the Wi-Fi might not reach every room. This might mean no access to convenient online recipes in the kitchen, or an inconvenienced teenager who can’t study from a laptop in their own room – a stylish Wi-Fi range extender is a simple and effective solution.

Buy It: $350

Sonos Play wireless music streaming speakers deliver powerful sound in a small and compact format. People who live in large homes can have one speaker in each room they’re using, and people with small homes can always find a place to fit them. Each speaker can even play a different song, a great feature if your gift recipient has children or a spouse with different musical tastes.

Buy It: $40

Flux is a Bluetooth-enabled lightbulb with a speaker built right in. It’s simple to set up, features a 360 lumen LED bulb, and boasts a 20,000-hour average lifespan.

Buy It: From $22

These illusion night lights are an awesome housewarming gift for a graphic designer or anyone who likes nerdy things – they look 3D, but each one is actually a flat 2D design!

Buy It: $29

Does your housewarming host seem like the type of person who would totally sing in the shower? This waterproof speaker can play music from any Bluetooth-connected source, and also comes with FM radio so your gift recipient will never miss another baseball game or top-20 countdown.

Buy It: $69

The Belkin WeMo smart switch is a super cool introduction to the “Internet of things” lifestyle. As a housewarming gift, this neat device makes it easy to turn electronics off and on from anywhere with any modern Android or iOS device – your recipient won’t have to worry about whether they turned off the hair straightener or coffeemaker before leaving the house, and the scheduling feature makes it easy to turn off children’s television after bedtime or turn on a nightlight once it gets dark. And it’s compatible with Amazon Echo!

Buy It: $299

Rainmachine is a smart garden sprinkler that can adjust and control watering, automatically reducing watering amounts on rainy days and pumping up the volume on especially hot days. This is a nice housewarming gift for anyone who moved to an area with strict water rationing or who just wants to save money without sacrificing a beautiful garden.

Buy It: $249

The Nest Smart Learning Thermostat learns from auto-schedule inputs to program itself. It helps cut energy bills by turning off when nobody’s home, and allows remote control temperature changes so the home is nice and comfortable when the residents are scheduled to return. This smart thermostat was designed by Tony Fadell, the godfather of the iPod!

Buy It: $499

TIME magazine named this digital art display as one of the best inventions of 2014 – and it would definitely make an awesome housewarming gift any art enthusiast could appreciate. It connects easily with a smartphone so the owner can change the display whenever inspiration strikes. If the owner doesn’t have any of their own digital artwork to add, it does include a curated selection of fine art made exclusively for the Electric Objects display system.

Buy It: $600

The Soundwall Chalkboard Speaker streams high fidelity audio without all the cords and mounting brackets required by other home speaker systems. Plus, the owner can decorate it however they want, and can wipe it clean and start anew at any time.

Buy It: $199

Triby is a smart connected speaker perfect for use in the kitchen or anywhere else. It’s portable, small, and delivers clear audio from Internet radio stations or streaming services like Spotify. It’s also a receiver so it can work as a hands-free phone so your housewarming gift recipient won’t ever have to pick up an expensive smartphone with soapy or mucky hands ever again.

Buy It: $98

This minimalistic table clock does it all while maintaining the simplest form possible – it includes Bluetooth compatible speakers, alarm clock settings, temperature display, and even has a wireless Qi charger built right into the top.

Buy It: $299

Here’s another cool Qi charging station, this time in the form of a convenient and extremely attractive desk lamp. The OLED bulb produces soft light to ensure the eyes stay comfortable even when working through the night and the touch-activated dimmer makes it easy to select between three brightness settings.

Buy It: $118

Need a gift for a mixologist or collector? This liquor shelf bottle display comes with built-in LED lights to illuminate bottles with a cool blue glow. What if your housewarming gift recipient doesn’t drink? It would look just as cool if used as mood lighting for a bedroom or as a display stand for any glass collectibles or figurines.

Buy It: $32

The elegant Conundrum Decanter is a light, thin, and affordable way to release the flavors and aromas of a tightly-wound young wine.

Buy It: $60

Super cool! The stylish Dropp fruit bowl is artwork for the kitchen.

Buy It: $85

These hexagonal spice jars have strong magnets embedded in the lids for easy storage on the side of the refrigerator. Pair with a metal wall plate to store spices anywhere at all. They’re fun, reusable, and would absolutely delight anyone who loves geometry-inspired interior decor themes.

Buy It: $18

This elegant stainless steel swan comes with three forks and three spoons, but could be used to hold a fair amount of cutlery or serving utensils.

Buy It: $70 for Diffuser + Oils

Rather than relying on heat, this aroma diffuser generates a cool ultrasonic mist – this means that the fragrant essential oils retain their therapeutic properties rather than getting burned away. The diffuser is encased in bamboo-printed plastic with a band of color-changing LEDs, easily programmed to cycle through the entire rainbow or alternatively set to just one color that matches the recipient’s interior decor.

Buy It: From $14

Candles are a classic housewarming gift because they’re always welcome, and always useful. NEST offers a huge selection of fragrances and votive designs. They have something for everybody.

Buy It: From $20

Incredible! PyroPet Candles are shaped like stylized geometric sculptures of charming animals, eventually melting down to reveal a cool and slightly creepy metallic skeleton. Each candle burns for approximately 20 hours.

Buy It: From $44

Delight the Scandinavian design fan in your life with these handmade ceramic floor lanterns, made from naturally white dolomite and finished with a clear glaze. Create a lovely housewarming gift package with multiple styles so your recipient can create a cityscape, or pair with a few of the six smaller building-shaped tea light holders by searching for “Urbania Tea Light House”.

Buy It: $60

Looking for a housewarming gift for somebody who just moved into a space with very little natural lighting? The Click & Grow indoor herb garden is the best way to incorporate greenery without a green thumb and without taking up valuable window-side real estate. It includes grow lights, plant cartridges, and tracks plant growth stats with an exclusive smartphone app. The available variety of plant cartridges is quite expansive.

Buy It: $62

Contemporary artist and designer Joe Gibson created the Boxcar planter for fans of natural materials and geometric aesthetics. Each set includes three wood planters sculpted from walnut and protected by a natural finish. Boxcar planters are ideal for low-maintenance succulents.

Buy It: $10

Vertical gardens are convenient and always on-trend. These gorgeous hexagonal planters attach easily to any interior wall for a clean and minimalistic aesthetic, a thoughtful housewarming gift for somebody without much storage space.

Buy It: $100

Is this the perfect TV tray? It sure looks like it! Slice comes with a felt remote niche, a cork-lined drink holder, and cutout tray handles for easy maneuvering. This hand-polished natural bamboo tray could hold a small netbook while working in the living room, or one could even put pencils in the remote tray and use it as a convenient drawing surface!

Buy It: $50 for set of 3

These super-kawaii sushi pillows come in a set of three featuring egg, shrimp, and tuna – and of course, irresistibly cute faces.

Buy It: $9

This isn’t your average hour glass. The built-in magnet at the base attracts the iron filings into an organic mass with a fascinating shape. It takes 100 seconds for the filings to collect into their beautiful crystalline form, but this affordable piece is intended more for decorative purpose rather than strict timekeeping.

Buy It: $26

Typography fans and city planners alike are sure to adore this personalized house coordinate print. Simply plug in the latitude and longitude of the recipient’s address and enjoy a crisp and clean print of the results.

Buy It: $48

Typographic coordinate prints are also available as cushions. This would act as a perfect personalized housewarming gift!

Buy It: From $90 and up

Pillow cover and comforter sets are a classic housewarming gift – but these printed designs are anything but ordinary. Children and adults alike are sure to love these creatively-printed bedding collections.

Buy It: From $26

His-and-hers pillowcases are perfect for use as a housewarming gift or a wedding present. These feature adorable stick figure designs that pair well together, but make a poignant statement when separated.

Buy It: $22

Too cute! Toilet paper holders are not exactly a luxury item, but anyone could love this personable little figure.

Buy It: $142

Made in Denmark, these home-shaped display shelves make for an attractive and useful housewarming gift.

Buy It: $68

Handmade in the USA, this eco-friendly bamboo beauty station makes it easy to organize makeup and personal care items within a transportable and attractive package. It even includes a display dock for a phone or tablet – perfect for anyone who uses video tutorials for complicated makeup routines!

Buy It: $85

Made of porcelain with a bright rubberized finish, the Submarino organizer by Hector Serrano streamlines bathroom essentials within an undeniably adorable form.

Buy It: $54 for set of 3

Bombastic Vases are a creative housewarming gift for somebody who isn’t afraid of edgy or expressive artwork. Combined with plants and cuttings, the contrast between war and peace becomes a statement nobody could ignore.

Buy It: $12

Store essential keys in the cloud with this cheerful magnetic key holder – software engineers and nature-lovers alike are sure to appreciate this minimalistic and adorable object.

Buy It: $70

The Tile Item Finder is a quintessential addition to any smart home. Simply attach the Bluetooth-enabled tracker to important items and instantly find their last known location on a map. Tile makes it easy to locate items by sound too. Use the Tile with keys, important notebooks, luggage, backpacks, or expensive tech investments. As a housewarming gift, this piece of technology is sure to find an irreplaceable role within the home.

Buy It: $33

Ambigrams are phrases that offer different interpretations depending on the viewing angle, and this door mat is certainly a creative interpretation of the concept. Upon entering, the mat displays the phrase “come in” and upon exiting it appears to read “go away”.

Buy It: $20

Every new homeowner or renter needs a reliable tool kit. This set looks extra stylish and includes 39 chrome-plated tools to make DIY dreams a reality.



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