Awesome DIY Christmas Decoration By Kristina Crestin

Kristina Crestin is owner of Kristina Crestin Design and self proclaimed vintage bottle addict. She love most things aqua, obsessing over good lighting and meandering through salvage stores on the weekend. Specializing in high end residential interior design, Work with clients in the Greater Boston area, all over New England and of course wherever else our clients take them! We share some pictures of Awesome DIY Christmas Decoration Photography By Jamie Salomon.

“With over 10 years of experience they are able to create an environment of trust with clients, utilize close relationships with the trades and execute detailed project management; all making for a seamless project experience.”

Awesome DIY Christmas Decoration

Awesome DIY Christmas Light Decoration

Awesome DIY Christmas Tree Decoration

Awesome DIY Christmas Wall Decoration

DIY Christmas Bathroom Decoration

DIY Christmas Decoration

DIY Christmas Dining Room Decoration

DIY Christmas Living Room Decoration

DIY Christmas Living Room Table Decoration

DIY Christmas Socks Decoration

DIY Christmas Tree Decoration

DIY Christmas Wall Decoration

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