Corner Shelves Eliminate Dead Space

Corner shelves are great for eliminating dead pockets of space in the corners of walls or counters. In addition to showing off decorative accessories, plants and memorabilia, they keep commonly used items handy, like a go-to cookbook, a telephone or the latest book or magazine.

Corner shelving comes in all sorts of useful sizes. Tall ones maximize the corner by going floor to ceiling. Shorter wall-mounted ones keep the floor bare. Small counter-top ones declutter and maximize counter space. And lastly, corner table shelves make more room for seating.

A particular favorite is Matt Carr’s Rolly Shelf from Umbra. The modular units can be arranged in two different configurations: corner (as seen here) or flat (go to Umbra for details). You can even separate the set and use them as two different corner table sets. Just make sure to prop up the set lacking the base unit with an attractive stack of books to keep it level.

(Shown above from left to right)
1. Rolly Shelf, $550.00 from Umbra
2. 5 Tier Corner Wall Shelf, $18.95 from Frenchi
3. 2 Tier Shelf – Bronze, $34.95 from LSI Home
4. Poundex 5 Tier Corner Shelf in Walnut or Black, $149.49 from Sears
5. Hanging Corner Shelves, $49.99 from Improvements

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