Easy Ways to Style and Organize the Kids’ Bathroom

When your kids have their very own bathroom, things can get messy. From dirty towels stacked in corners to hygiene essentials running a muck in every drawer, you’ve got to create a room that’s easy for the little ones to keep organized and tidy all on their own. Which is why we’ve compiled several easy ways to jumpstart it all. Let’s have a look and grab some inspiration, shall we?

Hanging Baskets.

Install a tiered, hanging basket for an easy way to store extra necessities in the bathroom. This works especially well inside smaller rooms or when multiple children need to share and you need the extra organizational room for everyone’s personal items.

Open Shelving

You could always go with larger and more spacious open shelving for your little ones to enjoy. They’ll have easier access, lots of room to keep their belongings and a sleek, modern look to boot!

Separate Sinks

Just like having his and hers sinks inside the master bathroom, don’t be afraid of installing that right amount of sinks for your kids too. They’ll feel independent and it’ll be easier than three little boys fighting over one spot at the counter.

Towel Hanging

Have hooks for each child’s towel as well. This way they can just grab it and dry off without a problem. And they’ll be more likely to end up on the hook than in a wet pile in the corner.{found on sgwarch}.

Bath Box

If your sprout is still playing with toys in the tub, create a bath box for them. It can be just as cute and stylish as something you’d pick out for you own bathroom. But, it can clean up the tub area when bubble baths are put on hold.{found on site}.

Step Stools

Make sure you add some step stools inside the kids’ bathroom. If your little ones are able to reach the counter top easier and quicker, there will be less likely of a mess on your hands.{found on jeffkingandco}.

Pocket Organizer

Keep your essentials in reach, especially the extras, with the addition of a pocket organizer on your kid’s shower curtain! This is the perfect way to create extra storage in a smaller space!

Extra Shelf

Install an extra shelf next to your stand-alone tub for the shampoo and body washes to find a home in. This way things aren’t all over (or inside) the tub, or on the floor!

Space Utilization

Here’s another way to utilize every inch of the bathroom and also provide open shelving that proves beneficial to the kiddos. Everything is easy to grab and find!

Sink Attachment.

If the design calls for it, you can always find a sink attachment, like this small basket, to help you organize. If you’ve got two kids sharing the space, make sure they have the essentials for separating and getting to their things without them being a strewn across the room.

Make Labels

This idea can be used in any bathroom, but it’s especially helpful for the kids. Use labels to organize and mark all the baskets in the closet or under the sink.{found on kristenmcashan}.

Woven Pieces

Another beautiful design to show off and another easy way to utilize open shelves and baskets in the bathroom! This is the best way to divide and conquer and we think this choice is one of the best.{found on claregaskin}.

Jar Charm

This is an easy idea to incorporate within a kiddos room. Colorful additions and accents filled with q-tips and cottonballs for whatever need are an easy way to create some style and organize the essentials.


Create an easy way to distinguish whose side is who’s by adding some monogrammed towels or bathroom staples to the counter tops. No one will get confused and no one will mix up personal items.{found on jvwhome}.

Sliding Hamper

Having a hamper right inside the bathroom is one of the smartest things you can do. All the kids have to do is drop the dirty clothes in, instead of leaving them to pile on the floor.

Bookshelf Corner

If you’ve got the space, add a small bookshelf to one of the area’s corners to add extra storage and organization. You can dress it in a stylish and fun way but also give the bathroom more ways to tidy up.

Color Coordinates

Highlight each child’s personal space with their favorite colors! Create a systematic look with the same decor and essential pieces but dressed in opposite tones!

Ruffle Dress

Dress up the sink’s exposed parts and open shelving with some ruffles. This may not help with organization completely but it will at least hide the bad parts if the kiddos get too messy.

Sprinkled Containers

Here’s another quick example of using jars and containers to separate and organize. Pony tail holders, hair clips and more can be stored in cute ways that style and accessorize the bathroom too!{found on rikkisnyder}.

Hidden Hand Towels

Are you sick of seeing multiple hand towels thrown onto every surface of the bathroom? Instead provide an easier way than just a towel bar to hide them and add some baskets to the mix.

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