How to Style Your Corner Shelving Systems

When you’ve got a spacious home with nooks and crannies left bare, you have to find ways to fill them without creating clutter and leaving off style. From floating corner shelves to wall shelf and shelving units, help organize and design your home with uniqueness and chicness in mind. Display your favorite home accents or keep your media collection tidy with corner shelving that works in the space you’re stressing over.


We’re in love with this minimalistic, floating corner system. Fill it up with books and small trinkets for a youthful and innovative accent to your spacious room.


Here’s an easy industrial look to accent your studio apartment with. Pile on your bar collection or anything else you need extra storage for, it’s a more masculine and creative way to do so.


Adding a freestanding design is one of the easiest options and can one of the most creative of choices. This retro piece pops in this breakfast nook, don’t you think?{found on mariakillam}.


Add some corner shelves to your bathroom for extra organizational space and a pop of pizazz. It’s a great addition to any freestanding tub making a great spot to place your bubbles baths and body gels.{found on wolstenholmeassoc}.


Surprise yourself by adding a charming little corner shelf to your staircase. We’re in love with this unique accent and how personalized it can feel once styled.


Here’s a brilliant display of a beautiful mid-century modern living room with the addition of a funky corner bookshelf. We love the innovative design and how much you can house on it!{found on kropatinteriordesign}.


Those floating shelves have a type of cubby inside of them. Making it easier to sit and display things inside like books and dolls.


Here is a beautiful contrast of crisp white walls and modern, black floating wraparound shelves. It adds to the posh appeal of the space with ease and functionality.{found on clairestevensid}.


This tiny-tall, awkwardly placed nook is made useful wight he addition of these small flaring shelves. Decorate and add your own family style by creating a design-feature in this space.{found on adarlingfelicity}.


You can always create a working space around your bare corner. Whether it’s for crafts or for your work-at-home schedule, you can really show your personality with your decor choices.


This curved corner bookcase is so chic. It’s got a charming, feminine touch as well as a gorgeously contemporary design.{found on francescaowings}.


You may even want to add some corner shelves to a mudroom or foyer that needs something to help with its design-appeal. Just look at this option, made with hooks for hanging up coats!{found on whitepinelumber}.


These shelves, elongating the living room and hallway, wind around even the corner of the area. This wraparound feel is innovative and quite chic if we do say so ourselves.


Use rounded corner shelves to float some of your favorites. Just look at this array of spices and other kitchen canisters adding much-needed personality to the breakfast nook and kitchen area.


Here’s a funky acrylic shelf that can fit into virtually any corner. It’s a bit more youthful and can mesh well within more innovative and trendy of home schemes.


You can even have corner storage shelves built right into your home. Big or small, light or dark, just take a peek at this small niche design made for the master bath!


Open shelving in the kitchen is always a wonderful way to give the space a refreshed and more up-to-date feel. And make sure you’re utilizing every inch for the maximum amount of storage.


Believe it or not, you can even fin shelves that attached to the actual corner and not inside the nook. This is ultra modern and innovative and perfect for smaller spaces.


This corner shelf is almost like a cabinet as you can place your favorite items right inside. But in this case, they’re displayed nicely for everyone to see and enjoy.Available on Etsy.


We’re swooning over these corner L-shaped shelves. Bright, crisp white and sprinkled with vivacious green accents, the youthfulness and eclecticism of this space is perfect.{found on getcreativejuice}.

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