Leaning Bookshelf Design Possibilities – Casual With A Hint Of Originality

Open shelves and bookcases are extremely versatile, offering valuable storage wherever it’s needed most. Their designs are variate and the leaning bookshelves are just one example. They charm us with their casual elegance and they offer us a multitude of storage possibilities. Depending on the function of the room, the style and the way the space is organized, such a bookshelf can stand out in all sorts of ways.

A wide bookshelf unit casually leaning against an empty wall is just what a space like this needs to feel complete. The exposed brick and the metal and wood elements set the perfect décor for such a piece.{found on modernchicagohomes}.

A leaning ladder bookshelf can be added to a living room or any other space for that matter where it can provide additional storage for books, vases and other decorations. Its location can be changed whenever desired.

Sometimes one these bookcases is just what you need to fill an empty nook in your home. This one fits perfectly in the void between the fireplace and the window wall and, from what it looks like, it serves as a good storage unit for the reading corner.{found on phase2builders}.

The casual nature of leaning bookshelves makes them great candidates for bedrooms. Here, they can serve as nightstand replacements or they can sit in a corner holding small accessories.{found on theuncommonlaw}.

The shelves start out as larger at the bottom and gradually become narrower. A creative idea is to extend one of the shelves a bit more and to turn it into a small desk. The upper ones can be storage shelves for this tiny workstation.{found on sabrinaalfininteriors}.

Or, if there’s enough space on the wall, a bigger shelving unit can be used and the desk can be at the center, surrounded by open shelves ready to be filled with documents, office supplies and personal items.

Similarly to the Sapien bookcase, a small leaning one can fit nicely in a corner, behind a sofa, by the bed and in a variety of other small spaces. Its functionality changes with the location.

The thin, black frame of the shelving unit almost completely blend into the wood wall. It’s a simple accessory with a subtle industrial look and a design that coordinates well with the armchairs and the palette of materials and finishes used throughout.{found on meritagehomes}.

Similarly, exposed brick walls and metal ladder-style shelves work well together, an idea demonstrated in this dining room. The design is simple and cohesive, with textures and materials that coordinate well with the style.{found on kadirasnaz}.

Leaning bookshelves, just like tree bookshelves, offer a nice and simple way to display collections. The bigger items go on the bottom, the smaller ones on the top. There’s plenty of room on these shelves for planters, old records, books and ornaments.

In a bedroom, a set of tall and narrow bookcases featuring this style can replace the nightstands. There can be one on each side of the bed and the shelves would provide plenty of space for personal items. You can also apply this idea when designing the guest room.

A similar type of leaning bookshelves can be used in the kids’ bedrooms or play rooms. The difference here is that the units are not tall and that the two bottom shelves are replaced with storage boxes for toys, books and magazines.

You can mix and match several leaning shelves and create your own wall unit. They can even feature different colors and finishes if you like the look. Apply the idea to dining rooms, living areas, home offices or even kitchens.

Wondering where you can purchase these shelves from? Well, one option is this Studio wall shelf with a strong and durable structure and deep shelves. It has self-leveling feet and mounts at the top for extra stability.Available from $359.

Or perhaps the set of three Sawyer Mocha leaning bookcases would better suit your home. They have a simple and modular design with five deep shelves each, thick shelf fronts and a dark mocha finish that accentuates the architectural lines of the units.Available from $387.

A more casual option is this Assembly Home leaning bookcase with shelves of various depths able to hold a variety of items, from books to plants and photo frames. The shelves can either be brown to match the frame or white.Available for $229.

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