Living Rooms With Exposed Brick Walls

Adjoining houses, renovating an old build, or simply stuck for an effortlessly-cool living room design? An exposed brick wall could solve all your problems. Whether you’re after the look of the Mediterranean, cool, relaxed and rustic; or a Scandinavian-inspired, low-key background peopled with bookcases; or an industrial haven perfect for sipping drip coffee amongst fur throws and stove piping, exposed brick is the medium for you. Classic red brick explores warm and tasty segues to the kitchen. Cool grey provides a subtle backdrop for your individual style. Take a peek at our crafted selection of inspirational examples.


Let the outdoors in with these red brick walls, fold-away French doors and simple white couching.


Make your inside seem outside with an exposed brick wall beside a climb-worthy tree. Sculpted wooden furniture and high-ceilinged doors create a natural oasis.


Designer: Michael Maher Design

Use two-tone brick in shocking white and natural red. Line books on one side for scholarly interest.


Source: Innerstadsspecialisten

Make the most of a sloping roof with an exposed brick feature wall greeting the eye. A solid white ceiling and black painted floor add dramatic contrast.


Designer: Dimitar Karanikolov

Ground your industrial barn in a wall all in brick. This exposed wall winds down the staircase, across the fireplace and into the mood of a modern, semi-circular space.


Architect: David Boyle

Make white walls interesting with one in exposed brick. An array of framed artwork tricks the visitor’s eye into conformity – at first glance.


Visualizer: Lai Pháp

A distressed brick wall need not be painted or smoothed. Let its character shine with dainty crafted décor, like this mustard couch and fanned cane chair.


Designer: Tamara Eaton

Add difference to muted colouring with exposed brick walls draped in white chiffon. Interspersed windows break up dark block furniture and open up the room.


Visualizer: Bakyt Temirkulov

Let exposed brick make a stand in LED-framing. A round circular light sets the stage for quilted block futons and a grey bamboo rug.


Photographer: Lorenzo Pennati

Exposed brick in grey need not be boring. This industrial loft lets its textures do the talking amidst fur and skin throws, a roaring fireplace and metallic accents.


Visualizer: K BAND

A Scandinavian style suits exposed brick perfectly. This light-grey beauty creates a dreamy feel beside a powder blue couch, wooden dining set and floors.


Visualizer: Dattran

Draw the viewer further in with a triptych on your brick. Terracotta and taupe seating add a contemporary, rustic feel.


Designer: Josephine Hurley
Photographer: Tom Ferguson

Replicate a London train station with exposed brick surrounding a wide circular window. This unique design frames the rest in white with pops of planting.


Visualizer: VAE Design Group

Charcoal and grey are lightened by this LED-lit, exposed-brick wall. Blending into a door, its lighter hues act the feature against darker and more muted textures.


Visualizer: Komod Studio

Combine exposed brick in an eclectic space with wooden, fur and tiled accents. A low-hanging chandelier and iron railings set finishing touches.


Visualizer: Iqosa

Extend brick to your living room and kitchen, as a segue design feature. Red brick lined with white sets off a chrome lighting centrepiece and stark tiled floors.


Visualizer: Maks Marukhin

Long, lean wall panelling mixes with wood, tiles and suede in this wide-windowed look in exposed brick.


Designer: Gaspar Bonta

Indulge your inner hipster with iron bar railings on a red brick wall. Suspended iron cages make squares against a chequered window frame.


Visualizer: Adrian Iancu

Make it light, bright and art deco with exposed brick in white. Pops of orange juxtapose against a white, artsy room.


Visualizer: Angelina Alekseeva

Create an urban jungle with an array of green aside distressed brick. Grey shafts of walling, seating and plant pots mix the concrete with the home-grown.


Visualizer: Juliya Butova

Exposed brick shafts open up another room in this homely design. Comfy couches in teal and grey add warmth on polished wood.


Visualizer: he.D creative group

A man’s room acquires style with exposed brick, lined wood and patchwork tile flooring. Grey-green French panelling and a papier mache partition construct a cosy vibe.


Designer: Luiz Fernando Grabowsky

Let French windows light red brick in a full-width exposed wall. Lower lights lift up wooden beams and block colour furniture.


Visualizer: Juliya Butova

Coat a whole room in brick, with a feature wooden panel. Dark curtaining and built-in shelves widen the space.


Lavish your living room in the feel of a Swedish sauna. These mini-bricked walls glow orange against a wooden floor.


Visualizer: Galina Lavrishcheva

An exposed brick wall with splashes of paint gains traction in this design. Eclectic, homely and full of personality, it suits the anti-perfectionist.


Visualizer: Para Design

Paint your wall with words on exposed charcoal brick. This illustrated quote makes a modernist statement beside a leather couch and indoor trimmed hedge.


Visualizer: Konstiantyn Rekochynsky

Graffiti coats this exposed-brick room, complete with written-on wooden panelling. Sepia prints and red metal chairs create an artist’s studio.


Visualizer: Image Box Studio

Make a white space brighter with painted brick. Light eggshell tones create a contrast with cage lighting, white wooden floors and touches of fur.


Visualizer: Evermotion

The urban loft is amiss without brick. Paint it in a distressed-looking white, and pepper it with black for a unique living room.


Visualizer: BBB3 Visualization

Ditch the old fireplace and coat it in white. White exposed brick changes shape amidst light concrete floors, grasshopper lamps and draped elements.


Architect: A Parallel

An exposed-brick fireplace can add a modernist touch. This version teams thick black joinery and wooden panelling with grey couches and a patterned rug.


Visualizer: Alena Bulataya

Make a statement in black-and-white brick. This modernist column balances out firewood storage and a flat-screen TV.


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Don’t have existing brick? These faux-brick options in red, white and distressed colourings achieve the look without blowing the budget. Peel them off and stick them on for an easy and safe industrial or Scandinavian living room look.

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