Modern Outdoor Planters With Fresh Designs

The trend nowadays for houses is to be as close to nature as possible and to share a strong connection with the exterior. This concept can also be applied to other types of buildings as well. So accessories such as modern outdoor planters are starting to gain popularity, their designs being more interesting and innovative than ever.

Halful is a set of three vases featuring thin, metal structures and containers made with regenerated plastic recycled from production scraps and remoulded. The metal wireframe featured clean lines which seem to accentuate a geometric void. The set was designed by Joe Velluto.

The Marquis planters explore the world of geometric designs in a rather different way. The design by estudi{H}ac combines geometric shapes and folding systems to create a textured exterior made up of a series of triangles. The collection includes both small and large planters.

Inspired by the classic terra-cotta vase, LITI is a charming planter made of curved wood with cuts in the lower part. The built-in light source makes the planter shine at night as the light irradiates through the cuts creating interesting visual effects around the planter. This is a design by Margarita Kroucharska.

Named simply Pandora, this flower pot by Nina Jobs allows a number of different configurations to be created thanks to its unusual design. The perimeter of the planter boxes is surrounded by a round seat which allows Pandora to be used as a freestanding planter but also to be slotted into the center of the base to be surrounded by an attachable seat-height bench surface.

Olivier Berg designed Be Flower, a concrete planter with a simple but nevertheless attractive design. The planter is breathable and has an insulating surface, is rot and frost resistant and has a robust structure which allows it to be used in public spaces. The floral pattern at it base gives the planter an elegant look, softening its rough appearance.

IRF is a collection of tall planters designed by Fabien Joly. They have rectangular shapes and thin and high structures which make them ideal for terraces thanks to their ability to offer privacy. They can also be used in balconies along the railings and they can be made in your choice of color.

The Tuber planters are designed by Harlane Martin. They’re each crafted from individual pieces of Iroko wood bolted together with stainless steel pins and assembled by hand. The end result is a delicate shape and a soft finish. The wood develops a grey hue over time when used outdoors.

Built of wood and concrete, these modern planters were designed by Laurie Wiid van Heerden for Indigenus. Named Soma, the oversized planters have a simple yet dramatic look. Wood is combined with the stone-like finish of the concrete to allow the planters to easily integrate in their natural surroundings.

The F Planters were designed for both indoor and outdoor use. They have simple, geometric designs resembling sketchy frames and they come in various configurations and sizes, suitable for a variety of different environments and decors.


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