Sobriety With A Touch Of Luxury In A Modern Spanish Home

Vivienda Ciudad de las Artes is the project that Hernandez Arquitectos completed in 2013. The home, located in Valencia, Spain, was decorated with simple materials and a rather neutral color palette. The living room, kitchen and dining area share an open floor plan.

Two small sofas are facing each other in the living room. In between them stands a set of two identical coffee tables with a transparent glass frame. A small portion of wall between the windows is occupied by a vertical TV stand.


Behind the inner sofa is the dining space, composed of a simple rectangular table and a series of classic black chairs. Two black chandeliers with metallic accents on the inside hang above the table, creating a symmetrical look.



The other side of the room is occupied by the open kitchen. The design is very interesting. The cabinetry along the large wall is all white and so is the backsplash. This makes the kitchen appear more spacious while also setting an airy mood.



A series of vertical wooden panels with accent lighting form a space divider which separates the kitchen from a small work area.



A black kitchen island doubles as a bar is is complemented by a trio of pendant lamps with diverse shapes.


The parallel boards which form the wall divider are designed to place a barrier between the kitchen and the work area while maintaining the visual connection between the spaces.


Solid wooden doors separate this social area from the private zone. Behind them is the bedroom which is a very inviting and bright space with white walls, dark wooden flooring and a gray headboard which extends to incorporate the nightstands and sconces.



The en-suite bathroom is encased in glass to let light travel through. It has large mirrors and a warm palette of colors and materials.



The overall impression is that the home is modern, elegant and that the ambiance throughout focuses on sobriety but also comfort. The result is a balanced design and a pleasant combination of colors, materials and shapes.

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