The Way To Brighten Up A Room With Yellow Curtains

Curtains make a room seem complete, they give it a finishing touch and, besides being functional and providing much-needed shade when it’s a bit too sunny outside, they also have an impact on the interior design and décor of the space. It’s why there’s a lot to think about when picking curtains.

These extra long curtains create a casual vibe highlighted by the cheerful color
And it’s not just the color of the curtains that matters. The walls behind them do too
The yellow curtains coordinate with the accent pillows which also bring in pattern
Pattern is also a great way to create focal points without necessarily needing a bold color

Fabric, pattern, color and size are important aspects to take into consideration. Sheer curtains are great when you want to gain some privacy without obstructing the views, patterned curtains are a great way to make a statement and what better way to cheer up and brighten up a room than with vibrantly-colored curtains in a shade such as yellow? But color alone is not enough to make your curtains look beautiful, stylish and not out of place. Everything needs to be in harmony, even if you decide to play with strong contrasts and with various fabrics, textures and patterns.

If the curtains cover up a big portion of the walls, they stand out regardless of the color
Particular shades of yellow can come close to the color of the wooden floors
Yellow goes well with contrasting colors such as gray or blue
In a small room with a dark décor, the yellow curtains can bring in some brightness
If the goal is to create a dramatic look through contrasts, you can pair yellow curtains with black walls
To emphasize the light, airy and fresh ambiance, use yellow curtains on white walls
Yellow curtains allow a room to be bright and fresh even when the light is blocked
Yellow is a perfect color for a summer décor and the curtains are a great opportunity to use it
Instead of envisioning the curtains as a big yellow block, something a bit more subtle can work too
This is a bolder and warmer shade of yellow paired with dark, warm gray
Pair your yellow curtains with some beige and orange for cohesion
A lovely idea is to have sheer yellow curtains if the walls are painted a dark, solid color
In a beach-inspired décor, use light yellow in combination with some blue and turquoise
The curtains completely transform the room which would otherwise be cold and austere

Because yellow is such a strong and dynamic color even in its pastel form, if you use it on the curtains you can be certain that these will stand out. It’s up to you to decide how you want that to happen. And that is linked to a series of other criteria which influence our choices, some of which have been exemplified here.


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