Traditional Sofa Designs

Most of us today usually want to get rid of our parents’ or grandparents’ old furniture because it has been around for so long that it feels like it’s well passed its expiration date, but think twice before throwing it out. Depending on the condition it is in, using old sofas as a personal touch to your living room can be a good way to express your unique style.

Traditional Sofa Designs Grey

If you are looking for a cheap solution, you can mask your current modern sofa with a vintage-design cover and add a bunch of pillows on it. In order to achieve that traditional look, use maroon color covers or navy blue with bronze outlines and details on it and combine it with cushions painted in warm colors.

Traditional Sofa Designs
Traditional Sofa Designs

For a bit more expensive choice, hire a carpenter to restore your old furniture that has been collecting dust in your attic for years. You can create sketches of your ideas in order to present your idea in the best way and don’t hesitate to even draw with chalk on the sofa itself – it will be restored anyway!

Traditional Sofa Designs Classic
Traditional Sofa Designs Classic

For those with a bit deeper pockets this is a perfect option when deciding on what kind of traditional sofa you want in your living room. First, go online and search for French 17th and 18th century furniture and imagine yourself being in Versailles having a cup of tea in one of its gorgeous halls. Take a look at the furniture, pick something you really like and call the above-mentioned carpenter and make your idea a reality.

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