Unqiue, Beautiful Bedding Color Combinations

Ignite your bedroom with entirely new bedding that excites and revives! Instead of traditional monochromatic spreads spruce up your personal space by adding various shades, textures and prints. Don’t be shy of adding a bit of your own styles onto the bed. And we’re here to share 20 of the most beautiful bedding color combinations that we could find. Scroll through and mark your favorites!


How about this beautiful quilt for your eclectically-inspired bedroom? Full of cultural accents, vivacious colors and funky prints, this is sure to brighten your day and your room!


The combination of green and turquoise in this intricate design is full of fashion-forward energy and subtle pizzazz. It’s perfect for those that want a more muted look with a unique twist.{found on garrisonhullinger}.


Black and white is one of the most classic color combinations there is. But with the addition of red, it’s still timeless, but ultra modern and contemporary in style. And that’s especially so with this geometric print.


Who would have thought that a bit of copper coloring could look so chic and artistic on a bedspread? Well, it does and it’s ultra stylish and unique too, perfect for a bachelor pad!


We are head-over-heels in love with this bedding combination. From classic black and white chevron to pop of hot pink, this is styled to perfection for any fun-loving teen!{found on mhouseinc}.


There’s a beautiful peek of pistachio peeking out from under this crisp white and cranberry bedspread. It’s full of pizzazz and unique sytles that perfect for a bedroom with a specific vision in mind.


How do you think it would feel to walk into your bedroom to find this gorgeous ensemble of your bed. The silver accents, camel foundation and powder blue hues fill this bed with so much life and beauty, it’s a memorable mark for the home.


Here’s a look made with some traditional styles but debuting a bit of personal touches in between. A bit of texture and a unique combination of olive, cream and white give it a refreshing feel.


And now we have another fun representation of just how funky you can truly get with your bedding and still be functional and stylish. This leafy spread has a youthful and trending spirit.{found on nestdesigns}.


It doesn’t get any more vivacious than this beautiful pattern. We love the personality and youthful tone it brings to this space, and how it accents the already colorful foundation.


Coral is the main component to this bedding suite but we love the accent and nuances of the throw pillows and even the orange footstool. It brings about  healthy glow that’s also very reminiscent of Tuscany.{found on schippmanndesign}.


This royal shade of purple will be sure to make a pop, especially if you decide to pair it with some golden tones and accents. We’re in love with this modern, Victorian style.


Did you ever think you could find a rainbow, tie-dyed bedspread that still have the class and funk to be contemporary and in-style? Well, we’ve found you the perfect one!


Accent your traditional bedding, filled with navy and white, with pops of mango. There’s a more trending and vivacious nature when you add this pop and we’re in love with the crispness.{found on highgatehouse}.


A bit masculine and freeing, this cozy and whimsical bedspread has a very cozy and personal feel that we’re all drawn to. It’s perfect for a teen’s rooms or even inside a college dorm.{found on jcsphotographs}.


Relax and fall into bed. At least that’s how it should be. And when you’re bed is covered in creamy whites and hazey grey tones, it’ll be easy to do that with its relaxing, subtle tones.{found on cardeabuildingco}.


Here’s a beautiful example of how even the most modern features can be delicate and feminine. Intricate details and pop of blue jean can be seen throughout this bedding.{found on marieburgosdesign}.


Create a true work of art by combining a plethora of colors and patterns. If your ending product looks anything like this bed, you’ll have so many jealous of its uniqueness and fashion-forward energy.{found on thephotositake}.


Mustard, cream and some chocolate brown thrown in too, this trendy and modern bedding could be your ticket to the most posh and panached apartment bedroom.{found on rendallandwright}.


Black and blue may seem like an odd combination but it’s quite chic and can easily be made to feel contemporary and stylish. Just look at this fashion forward spread!{found on rachelreider}.


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