Wood Pallet Hanging Planter

With summer coming, I am in the mode of getting my outdoor space ready. When Spring and Summer come I am all about flowers, so finding a way to add them to my outdoor space is always my end goal. Today I am sharing how to make a hanging planter for flowers. Most of the wood I used was wood pallets.

To begin, the plan was for this planter to hold the flowers. I am not going to make this to hold the actual dirt and flower. I purchased some flowers in a bucket.

The first step is to determine how big the planter needs to be. Each planter will need to be cut to the specific size of your planter. I used a standard 2×4, then cut down the middle of the board.

Once that was split in half, it is time to cut these down to size. These 4 pieces will be the center of the planter box.

With those cut, I now have the template for the height of the planter. Using the wood pallets. They have already been cut down and separated from the pallet.

Taking one of the 4 center pieces and setting them on the pallet. This allows you to see the place these pallets should be cut.

Using a standard miter saw and simply cutting on the needed line.

The size that was needed for my hanging planter made me need two pallet pieces per side.

Set 2 of the center cut pieces down, then the two pallet cut pieces on it. I stapled them down, but a nail and hammer will do the trick just the same.

I repeated this for all 4 sides. Creating the box look.

To clean it up, and make it more secure I also took some thinner pieces of wood and added them to the top and bottom of the sides. This gives the appearance of a farmed piece. Allowing it to be more polished. When working with pallets it is important to try and add some finishing touches to have the piece feel a little more complete. The pallet’s itself will always have a rough appearance. So things like the trip pieces on top and bottom add just that.

The bottom I used two pallets cut down to size and nailed them to the bottom of the planter. I did not want to completely box it in because when I water the plant I wanted the excess water to have a way to get out. Leaving the bottom somewhat open allows this to happen.

Once the box was built and the plant fit perfectly inside it. It is time to paint it. Because the pallets are really rough, using generous amounts of paint is needed to cover the planter. The pallets will absorb a lot of paint. I am using a bright yellow color, with is being summer I tend to use bright colors in my outdoor space. It just seems fitting.

I ended up doing three coats of paint to give a good and solid cover of the pallets. Time to make this planter become a hanging one.

I had some screw in hooks. Placing them on top of the center wood pieces on the inside of the planter. I simply turned them and screwed them into the board. It took a little muscle, but I was able to do it with no other tools needed. I did this for all 4 interior boards.

I purchased a long chain, with smaller loops. I wanted a more delicate appearance. If I had wanted it to appear bulkier, getting a thicker chain would have given me that appearance. Measuring the location I want the planter to be and then how much I wanted it to hang down. This will determine how much to cut for the chain.

Using pliers to pull the chain links apart at the spot needed. This separates the chain and now gives you the needed length. I doubled the length I needed to the chain. I am going to be placing the chain with both ends connected to the planter. So there will be only two chain’s used to hang this. The chains will criss-cross in the center at the top.

Opening up one link and looping it into the hook. The running the other end through the corresponding diagonal hook.

yellow hanging planter

The final look for the chains is a criss-cross look with the chains. I already had a planter hanger base attached to a column in my yard. But, if you do not. Using a larger hook and screwing it into a ceiling, or patio roof would have made this be a easy hanging planter as well.

I love the look of this, it gives the space a fun and bright look to it. Also a great way to showcase some beautiful blooms.

Summer is here, and indoor/outdoor living is the best way to enjoy the season. Making your outdoor space just as cozy and welcoming as the inside of your home. Whether you have a small outdoor patio, or a large porch, any space can be done up and utilized for the remainder of the warm and sunny season!

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