Black And White Striped Rugs İdeas

A great way to enhance and complete a décor is with an area rug. One with a vivid color palette or an eye-catching pattern can do wonders. Some combinations are so well-balanced that they become timeless classics, like the black and white striped rug which can be paired with a large variety of designs and decors.

Big stripes can make the rug stand out and become the focal point even in a colorful setting filled with eye-catching details. The rug can coordinate with one other element for cohesion and that can be anything from a throw blanket to a wall painting.{found on echeloncustomhomes}.

A popular option is to match an area rug with the accent pillows. So they’d both feature black and white striped which can have different proportions or which can be displayed horizontally, vertically or in numerous other ways.{found on schappacherwhite}.

There are lots of other ways in which to obtain a cohesive décor which involved a black and white striped rug. One idea is to complement it with a piece of wall art, perhaps something modern, with a geometric design.{found on caitlinandcaitlin}.

It’s also possible for an area rug featured indoors to coordinate with an element displayed outdoors. This way a strong connection is established between these areas. The pattern and colors on the rug can match an overhang or a set of curtains, preferably something that’s visible from inside, through the windows.{found on houseoverhead}.

But it’s not always necessary to coordinate the rug with something else in the room. It can be an interesting piece by itself, contrasting with the surroundings or complementing a neutral and simple décor.{found on sashameredithdesigns}.

The versatility of black and white stripes allows them to be introduced in a variety of settings such as a coastal or nautical-themed space, a Nordic décor, a rustic interior or a minimalist, contemporary space. It will relate to all these environments each time in a different way.{found on thevintagemodern}.

Such a rug can be a welcomed addition to a small room decorated with strong contrasts. For example, the black accents walls featured here in combination with the dark-stained wooden floor and the variety of light-colored details all revolve around the rug.

Add spark and style to an entryway or hallway with a striped rug either to emphasize its shape and size or to draw attention to other small details that match the rug, such as a striped vase, a planter, a painting or a decoration featuring the same combination of colors.

The otherwise very simple combination of black and white featured by the area rug stands out more in a pastel-colored space such as this nursery. The mint green walls and all the other elements allow the rug, the framed wall art and even the pouffe to stand out.

But dark colors can look really well in combination with black and white stripes as well. Take this living room for example. The deep blue sofa and the dark wooden furniture look great in combination with the rug and the other black and white accents in the room.

Here’s the same room seen from a different angle. Even without the gallery wall the décor would still be well-balanced in terms of colors and patterns.

You can find inspiration in a casual black and white striped rug and generalize the color palette to the entire room. Complement the black and white pieces with some light grays and even some natural wood accents for a modern and chic look.

A patterned rug is a wonderful accessory for areas such as a small home office or workspace. It can be the focal point of the space and you can find all sorts of quirky yet simple accent elements to complement it with.

When you have a big piece of furniture that takes a lot of space in the room such as the bed in the case of the bedroom, you need to find ways to make it easily integrate in the space without looking out of place and without letting it take over the décor. The striped area rug does a great job at that here.

A black and white striped rug provides a lot of visual interest especially if the rest of the décor is simple and neutral. You can use that to your advantage when you want to change the mood in a room or when you want the space to look more dynamic.

In the room, you can complement such a rug with a beautiful black leather sofa and a set of diverse accent pillows featuring a variety of different prints and patterns in black, white or gray. And if you want more, use a similar concept when decorating a wall or a shelf.

We particularly enjoy spaces with simple chromatic palettes and a warm and casual ambiance such as the one here. The room is decorated with blacks, whites and grays complemented by wooden flooring and the striped rug ties everything together.

Yet harmony can be established in a variety of ways, even when using a lot of different vibrant colors, prints and patterns. This is a perfect example of how a black and white striped rug can still stand out even when surrounded by crazy colors.

A striped rug establishes a geometrical theme for the room which one can either choose to highlight or to let blend in. An option is to add other smaller geometric prints and patterns for a diverse but harmonious décor.{found on apartmenttherapy}.

And if plain stripes are not to your taste, you can explore a variety of other options. Black and white chevron stripes are also simple, chic and versatile and you can use them in combination with other striped pieces.{found on 100layercakelet}.

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