RangeXTD – Advanced Wi-Fi booster!

Wi-Fi boosters are electronic devices that work on strengthening the existing Wi-Fi router signal. Replacing your existing router may not be an ideal solution to weak Wi-Fi strength. Wi-Fi boosters are an economical solution that works in coordination with your Wi-Fi router in eliminating internet problem solutions.

Out of all of the products available in the market, RangeXTD is an advanced Wi-Fi booster that also works to extend the range of Wi-Fi signal up to 70 meters. It means that your entire place will be free from internet dead zones now. The recurring problems of slow speeds, high loading times, and total internet blackouts are efficiently controlled by RangeXTD.

Best features of RangeXTD

RangeXTD is an electronic device that works directly on your normal power socket. It is a compact device that is durable and easy to maintain as well. It has LEDs that reflect the signal strength so that you can keep a check on your internet connectivity. It has two built-in antennas, works on WPA-PSK or WPA2-PSK encryption, has the least radio interferences, works on frequency of 2.4GHz, and has 1 WAN/LAN and LAN ports.

It is designed to work in collaboration with all of the Wi-Fi routers and modems so that you do not need to buy the connecting devices. It is a plugin and play device that does not require any detailed set up for operations.

Advantages of RangeXTD

RangeXTD is a multifunctional device. It is a single compact unit that works both as a Wi-Fi booster and a Wi-Fi extender. It can increase Wi-Fi speeds to 300Mbps and Wi-Fi range to 70 meters. It does not cause any rise in internet bills. It is a onetime investment that is durable, portable, noiseless, and has a robust construction.

It completely removes the internet problems from your place and works like magic. It is easy to install and does not have any wires or overgrown antennas. It is a cheap Wi-Fi booster as compared to the other competitors available in the market. There is no limit of connections to RangeXTD.

RangeXTD Price and buying options

RangeXTD is currently available at a 50% discount if ordered from its official website. Apart from this 50% off on a single unit of RangeXTD, you can get your regional power plug free with RangeXTD. The manufacturer also offers a minimum of 50% discount on bulk buying of RangeXTD units.

It is highly recommended to buy RangeXTD from the official website of the company only. It ensures that you are spending your hard-earned money on genuine products only. Also, the company offers a 30-days money-back guarantee that ensures 100% customer satisfaction.

Unlike other electronic devices where there is no guarantee of the product. Based on the features, multiple advantages, high efficiency, and low prices, RangeXTD is the most advanced Wi-Fi booster. It scores high in all of the important parameters and does not let you down in delivering the next generation of internet experience.

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